business Building


Let's grab coffee and chat for an hour or so about growing your biz into the biz of your dreams! I want this time to cater to YOUR questions and specific areas YOU want to grow in. So, here's just some options of topics we can cover:

How to turn your passion into a full time job

How to start booking more dream clients

Contracts & invoices/organization & finances

Social media strategy

Editing tips and tricks I've learned

Live Shoot


You'll shadow me for a session where I set up a couple for you who meets your vision, we'll go to a location that you have been dreaming of shooting at, and you'll learn all about how I work! We'll focus on:

Posing & directing

Making your clients feel comfortable and playful

How to get the most out of golden hour (YASSS)/working with different lighting



Mentorships are for wedding photographers

Out of state? Let me know in the contact form and we can set up a skype session or phone call!



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Anything you want me to know? Something you're specifically really excited about learning about or focusing on?
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