business Building


Let's grab coffee and chat for an hour or so about growing your biz into the biz of your dreams! I want this time to cater to YOUR questions and specific areas YOU want to grow in. So, here's just some options of topics we can cover:

How to turn your passion into a full time job

How to start booking more dream clients

Contracts & invoices

Organization & finances

Social media strategy

Getting things right in camera

Editing tips and tricks I've learned

Live Shoot


I'll work with you on how to set up your dream session in order to attract more of your ideal clients and to make your couples feel comfortable and playful! We'll focus on:

Researching locations & shooting details

How to find the right couple

How to communicate your vision & style for the shoot

Posing & directing

Making your clients feel comfortable and playful

How to get the most out of golden hour (YASSS)


Mentoring only happens on week days

**I specialize in shooting weddings & couples so that is what these sessions are geared toward**

Out of state? Let me know in the contact form and we can set up a skype session or phone call!



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