Andie's Actions!


Don’t you hate feeling like your clients can sense your insecurity in directing them?

When they can tell you aren’t sure what to have them do next?

Do you feel like you have to blabber the entire shoot just to keep things interesting & to fill the void of awkward moments?


Last year I set out on a mission to have a freakin FUN time with my clients. I was tired of hearing “ah we are nervous, we know we are gonna be awkward” & kinda agreeing with them HA let's be real. SO my goal was to make every single person walk away from their engagement session & say: “wow. that was actually soooo fun!!!! it felt like a flirty date night!!!” wouldn’t you like that response too?

99% of the time, my couples sessions are ENTIRELY actions. No standing still, no holding a pose, no smiling nervously at the camera. Everything is movement, direction, action, real, and FUN! I want you to have that too.

Andie’s Actions will be a 1 hour video for purchase going through all my favorite directions for my couples, explaining as I go, offering alternatives for ones that may not work for everyone, and talking through the reality that every couple is SO different. It includes 2 couple's sessions, and a 30 min chat in my home explaining things before you watch.

This video is meant to be exclusively from your point-of-view as the photographer, as if you were really there and as if YOU were the one behind the camera! I wanted this to feel as personal as possible.



THIS IS AN INSTANT DOWNLOAD. A link will NOT be emailed to you. There are two download buttons after you purchase, one for the video and one for the action cards. I highly recommend you purchase and download these to your computer, then you can email yourself the action cards for your phone!

*sales are final, no refunds*



 ** What this video IS**

How to get JOYFUL and genuine reactions out of your couples

How to create totally action-oriented engagement/couple's session

How to give actions + prompts together

How to handle awkward/stiff couples

How to get past a brain fart in the middle of a session

How to set the right tone and expectations for your shoot


** What it is NOt**

Every single "pose" or action known to mankind

How to get moody/stoic/epic "poses"

How to shoot a couples session/shooting settings

How to adjust for lighting

How to pose wedding couples (obviously several of these can apply to a wedding day, but DEFINITELY not all of them.)