andie & mikal's proposal story

All photos by my talented friend, the artist behind Corrie Mahr Photography! 


Mikal and I met in Kindergarten and grew up going to the same private Christian school K-12th grade with only about 20 kids in our class. He doesn't have any memories of me from elementary school, but I have some of him! In Kindergarten I remember the first time I saw him and I was standing with a group of girls in my class and we all giggled and thought he was SO cute because his hair looked like Elvis! (How we knew who Elvis was at age 5... beats me). In 6th grade we sat next to each other for a few months, and one time we both have the distinct memory of me pulling out a single grey hair on his head, and I always joked since then that I am the cause of his fully grey head of hair! From the age of 15-18 I remember always thinking "man, whoever Mikal ends up with is going to be incredibly lucky".

In high school we became closer and he was one of my good guy friends. Toward the tail end of senior year I started developing feelings for him and had NO idea what the heck to do with them! I was surprised and confused all at the same time. For about two months I went back and forth being unsure if he felt the same way about me. Then, right before graduation, we went on our senior trip to the Oregon coast.

Here's my awesome story: On the last night of the trip, I was determined to find out if he liked me or not for REAL so I could either move on, or move forward with him. We were all watching a movie, and I sat between him and another guy. About 30 minutes into the movie I pretended to fall asleep! I was such a nerd. Over the next hour and a half, I slowwwwwwwly inched my head toward his shoulder. Que the neck pain. It was so hard to fake being asleep for that long! But, about 10 minutes before the movie was over, Mikal's arms were crossed and underneath his forearm with his hand he started slowly rubbing my arm ever so sweetly. Everything clicked right then - He liked me too! When the movie ended he jumped up super quickly, which I took as he didn't want me to know what he was doing. Best night ever. A couple weeks later I finally decided to tell him I had feelings for him and wanted to be more than friends. The rest is history, right? ;)

Then just a few months later he moved to Virginia and we did long distance for a year as he attended Virginia Tech and I was in Portland at a different university. I somehow convinced him that next summer that it was worth it to follow me to Oregon, and sure enough, he did. He is my absolute best friend, the most incredibly selfless and encouraging person, and he came as a total surprise. Who would've thought, 16 years ago, that we would end up together? God definitely orchestrated our story in a way that neither of us could have ever imagined - and it's the best.


Leading up to this weekend, Mikal told me he was wanting to go on a date and it would be a surprise! Saturday morning started off slightly rough as Mikal’s car wouldn't start and we were running late for our ferry. He was really set on making a certain ferry and going to a certain place to eat… we ended up making the ferry but the restaurant was too hot and full so we went elsewhere. After lunch we got gelato and sat on the beach watching people play pokemon, staring at their phones even though it was an incredibly beautiful day (really says something about our generation huh!). After we took the ferry home (I was sooo sleepy) I thought we were just going back to his house for dinner and a movie with sweats (classic).

He ended up turning down a different road than normal and I wondered why we were taking the back roads if there wasn’t any traffic (at this point I still had no idea). On the back road he ended up pulling into this trail area and said we should walk a bit since it was so nice out. We walked for a few minutes while I picked blackberries and probably babbled on.

I was completely clueless about what was about to happen, until he started breathing really heavy and was giving me awkwardly short responses. He grabbed my hand and said we should go down this side trail, and that’s when I realized what was about to happen! My heart started beating so fast and I was so nervous! We came into this little meadow area where the sun was setting over this beautiful pond area with cattails and ducks, where he had set up a blanket with wine, tikki torches, pictures of us during the past 3 years, and a sign that said “let’s make it forever”. He grabbed my hands and said sweet things, and then got down on one knee and popped the question! I always thought in that moment I would cry, but honestly I was WAY too excited to do anything but smile from ear to ear!

The next few minutes I spent in absolute disbelief! So much joy and gratitude - just feeling absolutely blessed in this moment. All of a sudden I heard a shutter coming from the bushes, and one of my best friends walks out of the bushes snapping pictures of us! So many surprises! That night we went back to his house and almost all of our family was there and some of our best friends from Oregon drove up to surprise me!

I can't wait to make it forever with my love.