wedding planning advice

it's the final countdown

Being a wedding photographer and having my own wedding rapidly approaching (22 days I think?! Holy cow!) I keep getting asked the same 2 questions that I thought might be helpful for other brides to know.

  • So are you just going to take selfies and use self timer throughout the day since you are a photographer? (This one makes me laugh every time)
  • Why aren't you stressed?

So here's my two-cents/best advice/personal opinion/take it or leave it:

  1. Prioritize: More than anything else, Mikal and I weighted our wedding photography and videography at the top of our priorities list. We took weeks and weeks to find the right photographer and videographer for us, and we realized that it might mean spending the extra buck to get who we really wanted, especially since we are flying them both from out of state! A few years ago I heard this quote and it has stuck with me throughout my business - the flowers will wither, your cake will be eaten, your dress will be tucked away forever, but your photos will remain throughout time. Whatever you put at the top of your list, make sure to book that first and budget accordingly.
  2. Budget: Within the first month we knew we needed to know our budget. Some conversations were uncomfortable, it's never fun asking your family members for money! But you just gotta do it. We then found how much money we needed to put into it ourselves to fill the gaps, and we planned accordingly from there on out. 
  3. Timeline: Here's my stress saving advice - When you first get engaged, sit down and write out everything you as a couple will need to do for the wedding day and add dates next to each of these. BIG THINGS - attempt to get the larger things booked within 1-2 months of getting engaged. Look up timeline examples on Pinterest, and stick to one. About 3-4 months before the wedding, focus on the LITTLE THINGS - I took two entire days to get ALL of the decor for the entire wedding. Then, I spent the third day that week online ordering anything I couldn't find in stores. By packing everything I needed into a couple days, it has left the last few months stress free and able to focus more on our marriage. Which leads into the next point...
  4. Marriage > your wedding: If I could beat this into your heads, I would! Because it is THAT important. Your wedding is one day. An important day, a fun day, and a memorable day. But it's just that - a day. Your marriage is a lifetime. Take the time throughout your engagement to set days for absolutely zero wedding talk, and only relationship talk. Remember to keep dating and pursuing one another, and practicing healthy habits that you want in your marriage. Mikal and I had several conversations throughout our engagement about things we want to see in our marriage, and then putting them into practice as soon as we talked about them so that we could bring that INTO our marriage. Do NOT get caught up in the stupid little things on your wedding day that may happen - extend grace to your wedding party, soon to be husband, and family and friends.