Moments To Remember

These are some memories throughout the day that I took a second to take a mental photo of - Pam & Jim reference anybody?!

  • After finishing the decorations, the girls and I went upstairs to start on our makeup except my blonde maid of honor, Soren. She made my wedding cake and did AMAZING. She's always been the best baker (patent pending - Soren's Sweets!?) and she was so kind as to make this one for me and Mikal! I felt so honored that she took the time to put this together. When I heard the cake was finished, I went downstairs to see her and she asked me timidly with uncertainty on her face, "do you like it?" and I said "OF COURSE, it's sooo beautiful!!!" and she started crying.

  • First thing in the morning I wanted to give my mom and "pseudo-mom" (my aunt) letters I wrote for them the night before. I balled like a baby while writing them, so it was really sweet to see them crying as they read them! I wanted them to know how special and important they were in my life, especially leading up to marriage.

  • We loved praying with our closest friends (and my mom) right before the ceremony. Such a stinking emotional day!

  • Also, not pictured, is me going to the bathroom before the ceremony and needing two girls (you da real homies, Corrie & Kara) to help hold all that TULLE up! It was quite the hilarious scene, trying to figure out how to sit and where everything should go. Good times...

  • When I was about to walk down the aisle and hiding with my parents, this huge wave of excitement hit me and I literally couldn't help but cry. And I mean, ugly cry. (See photo, haha!). But the second I got my eyes on Mikal the crying excitement turned into such pure joy that I had the biggest smile I've ever seen on myself! But the best part was - apparently HE even teared up! And he NEVER cries.

  • During our vows I noticed Mikal's eyes start to get red and watery and his mouth formed a different shape then I've seen before - he was about to cry, yet again! I freaking loved it because it was during the part in my vows when I was affirming his character. I loved that in that moment he was able to understand so deeply all the things I love, cherish, and adore about him. Oh also I love that almost all the groomsmen were teared up too! Haha! And of course my ladies were balling too. Love you all.

  • That awkward moment when you go to take communion and your pastor says "and drink of the wine... which appears to be missing.... you're going to have to fake it."

  • Even though every wedding has it, this exit moment was so great. So much excitement in the room! It's offish! Also time to walk around so my knees could stop locking haha!

  • When my aunt said during her speech: "I never wanted a kid until I met Andie". And when my uncle said we brought him to Christ. There were so many other sweet things said too... We love all our family and friends so much!

  • When we almost knocked the cake layers over because soooomeone tried to cut the cake from the bottom tier instead of the top, which everyone knows you're supposed to do....

  • Seeing my dad ball like a baby during our first dance was pretty special. He's not typically a super emotional guy, I've maybe seen him cry twice in my life. But on our wedding day he sobbed on my shoulder with a smile on his face and it was precious. I then caught him tearing up later during the night as he watched his dad and aunt dancing together.

  • We decided to leave slightly early since lots of people were taking off once it got dark out, but apparently while I was upstairs changing my mom was planning a surprise dance for me! When I came downstairs and was getting ready to leave, our song from my childhood came on that we used to sing to all the time, especially when we cleaned the house together! (Dayyyyy-oh, daaaaay-o, daylight come and they wanna go hooooome). She started to cry as she realized we were about to leave, and said "it's fine, it's okay" (while crying) so I grabbed her and danced the song away together. And yes we look ridiculous in all these photos but I don't care!

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