Mount Rainier National Park Engagements // Rainier, WA // Brittany + Mitchell

I have a hard time even thinking of WHERE TO START with this day that was an entirely new adventure!! So, we decided on Mount Rainier for Brittany + Mitchell’s engagement photos since it was halfway(ish) between us and they really wanted an epic mountain right smack dab behind them (which I was ALL about!!)

This was my first time to Mount Rainier, which I feel like is super weird since I grew up not that far away from the mountain. It was a 4 hour drive each way for me, so it was crazy to think about how long my day was by the time I got home just before midnight, even though I had left around 10:30am that day, haha!

I got there an hour early and was so excited to just walk and drive around the park to scope out pretty places (besides the mountain, duh). Turns out though…. the whole sky can be blue with sunshine and no clouds in sight, but the mountain can be completely enveloped in thick clouds - so much so that you don’t even know the mountain is RIGHT. THERE.

When I arrived, I could see Rainier in all her glory and I just about DIED. The mountain was so crystal clear and gorgeous!!!! I’ve never seen anything like it before. But within 30 minutes, the clouds rolled in and to say I was “sad” would be the understatement of the year. I quickly drove around and hopped out of the car, sprinting from meadow to meadow to try and find another view that could at least be awesome (in it’s own way, not in a “Mount Rainier is right there omg” kind of way).

Unfortunately I didn’t have reception in the park hardly at all, so I couldn’t get ahold of these two to tell them where to meet me, since I was running all around! I kept circling the two top parking lots to try and find them, and eventually I found a cute couple sitting in their car and figured it had to be them, haha!!!

Throughout the evening Mount Rainier finally peeked out of the clouds a few times for us, enough to grab some photos! The ranger suggested we try a certain trail for a clearer view of the mountain from a different angle, and he said the clouds might not even be in the way at all, so we went for it!! It ended up being like a legit (kinda short) but STEEEEP hike, and by the time we got close to the top I was DRIPPING sweat and majorly regretting wearing 10 layers and uggs (hahahah!). Literally 10 seconds before we got to the top, we could see Rainier clear as day and the sun was hitting the mountain in the most gorgeous way, creating a pink/purple tint. We were stoked to finally make it to the top, but within 10 seconds the clouds came back and we could BARELY see ANYTHING!!! Like, woah. Things can change so fast up there! After walking back down, we ended the night shooting far past sundown, with the moon as our friend. Loved spending SO much time with these two (and their adorable pup Luna!!!).

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