Smith Rock State Park Elopement // Terrebonne, OR // Rene + Bryce

These two decided to have an intimate ceremony in their backyard on this FREAKIN HOOOOT summer day in central Oregon, with only family (and their pup!!) present!

I am so glad they wanted me to capture some portraits for them prior to their ceremony at one of my all time favorite places, Smith Rock! (insert drooling face here). They were serious troopers considering it felt like it was about 100 degrees in the mid-day heat with direct sun on us the whole time. They sure looked gorgeous though!!! Sweat and all ;)

I was obsessed with how simple Rene’s dress was, and ultimately I just loved that they created their wedding day to be all about THEM and not about all the tiny, crazy expensive details. I believe it is truly best when couples feel like they are ultimately celebrated above everything and everyone else on their special day!

We decided to stay at the upper half of Smith Rock and not venture down by the river because of the insane weather that day. One of my favorite aspects of this park is the fact that (depending on how far you are willing to walk) there are a million different trails you could explore! And for photo purposes, that means each time you go to shoot here you can create different looking sessions by trying to shoot in a different spot each time you go!! It also makes each of your clients feel more special to not have the same photos as a ton of other people! So photographers: get creative, scout out new places, be the expert on your locations (Especially if you’ve shot there a lot!!!) and show your clients the best spots. If we weren’t limited by time and heat, we totally would have taken more unique trails, but the day just didn’t allow it!!