Mount Hood Organic Farms Wedding // Chris + Lupita // Oregon Wedding Photographer

This wedding was the most gorgeous and FUN day I may have ever been a part of!!!

Mount Hood Organic Farms is INSANEEEEELY beautiful. It's got the most incredible view of Mount Hood in the backdrop of the ceremony area, and it's got a gorgeous field of flowers with the mountain casually hanging out in the backdrop for the reception. The owner handcrafted each building on the property with artisanal design influence from around the world, making this one of the most unique venues I have ever seen!!

I don't think I've ever met two people more JOYFUL (or funny, let's be real) than Chris and Lupita. I just freaking love watching them laugh their faces off with each other!! 

A couple of my favorite moments from their wedding day:

1. When the mariachi band led the guests from the ceremony to the reception and margs were served up!

2. When Chris decided to surprise Lupita with a mariachi song (yasssss!)

3. During toasts when Chris' dad decided to deliver his toast in Spanish for Lupita's family, while Lupita's cousin translated into English for everyone else in the room!

4. When they let me take them out for sunset & FROLIC all around in the golden light with the most epic backdrop ever!!!

5. When the groomsmen carried Chris outside the dance party to toss him into the air & strip him of his clothing (apparently this is a weird/awesome tradition within their friend group!!) and then Chris proceeded to dance shirtless/Grecian style with his new wifey!!!

Hope you enjoy!


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