Columbia River Gorge Engagement Session // Cascade Locks, OR // Katelyn & Steven

An engagement session with me will look a lot like this:

  • Running around somewhere beautiful in Oregon

  • Holding your dog in ridiculous ways (should you choose to bring one - YES PLZ bring one!)

  • Shivering so hard (in the winter) with an INSANE wind chill from the Columbia River Gorge, but warming up by doing fun and crazy things together which I will instruct you to do!

  • Lots of kissing, tickling, raspberry blowing, dancing, etc. All. The. Things.

So moral of this engagement session is…. COME TO OREGON AND IT WILL NOT DISAPPOINT. Planning a couples trip here to enjoy the best we have to offer? (Check out this link for 125 things to do in Oregon!) Like crazy unreal views, delicious food, hiking, city exploring, skiing, sandy beaches, and more????? HIRE ME TO TAKE YOUR PICS ON YOUR PNW EXPLORATION TRIP. Check out this article I wrote on the best places to elope (or explore) in Oregon!

It will be worth it, I promise. You won’t want to ever forget how beautiful this state is <3

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