Columbia River Gorge Maternity Session // White Salmon, WA // Yani & Luke

OH BABY BABYYYY!!! (I definitely feel like this is the start of a song… right?! Maybe I am just making it up and singing in my head. You should try it to!)

Anyway, I’M DOING MATERNITY AGAIN!!! I took a solid 4 years away from maternity because I was over the whole “let me put my hands in a heart shape around your belly button” & other awkward things. I figured, there has to be a way to capture what this time feels like with your significant other, without all the awful Pinterest poses. Cha feel??? I think I found a way to accomplish this! Let’s just plain and simple do a COUPLES shoot, go somewhere rad, you can get all dressed up & cute n’ stuff, & we will touch yo belly every now and then. Sound good?? Good.

Many thanks to these babes who let me practice this new thing in the FREEZING cold - and they looked so bomb while doing it!!!! Her style is flawlesssss, I think we can all agree!!!

Moral of the story, hit me up if you want a fun adventurous couples BUMP sesh!!!

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