Grand Canyon Engagement Session // AZ // Ari + Masan

Grand Canyon, Mather Point, Couples Session

WOW - ummm are there words to describe the thoughts that first came to my mind when I walked up to the side of a 3,000ft drop and looked down into the vastness of the Grand Canyon for the first time ever?!??!? NOPE. NO WORDS.

This was quite the adventure - I was just visiting Arizona for the weekend and I had a free morning. So naturally I thought: well, I could sleep in and get nothing important done. OR I could get up at 2am and drive 4 hours to see the Grand Canyon and do a shoot there, cause I meaaaaan….. why not?!

At first I thought I would just get there the night before and sleep in my car, until these two kindly let me know that the low that night was supposed to be 12 degrees. TWELVE DEGREES. So I quickly changed plans and just decided to make it a super duper early morning. The drive wasn’t actually too bad, I had my friend Olivia Markle along for the fun of it! Of course I had to stop at Starbucks right before making it into the park, and as soon as I pulled out of the parking lot I totally forgot to turn on my headlights right away (it was an unfamiliar rental car, AND 6am/I only got 3 hours of sleep that night people hahaha) and I instantly got pulled over by a cop… Good news is, park rangers are hecka nice and just let me off with a warning.

But no doubt I was mildly panicking because that little instance took way longer than I hoped, and I was worried we might miss the sunrise!!! But fear not, we made it in perfect time and got to watch the morning sun pour into the canyons and fill all the nooks and crevices we could see below our feet. This was the most epic session, and I am so thankful Ari + Masan were down for the adventure (AND for the heights!! Hehe. That would explain why I had them sitting down in most of these photos, DUHHHH safety first!)

And of course since I was in fact kind of being a tourist, here’s a few pics of me focusing really hard on not falling off the edge or dropping my phone HAHA

PS: in case anyone was curious, yes there was hundreds of people already at the viewpoint BEFORE US at 7am on a Monday. It wasn’t too difficult to find spots without a railing, but please be careful if you go to any of these spots. Rocks can unexpectedly fall from under your feet, so don’t be an idiot!

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