Lake Powell Engagement Session // Page, AZ // Hayley & Caitlin

Lake Powell Adventure

This shoot has been on the top of my bucket list for the past YEAR! I have had images of this location PRINTED in my office on my “dream board” (cheesy, I know) but for those of you who know me, you know how special Lake Powell is to me. I grew up house boating here every other year, and it’s legitimately my favorite place on earth. I always knew that it would feel so special and full circle to be able to come back here one day as an adult & shoot a couple here.

When Hayley & Caitlin reached out, we were originally planning their shoot for Antelope Canyon. But after a ton of research, we decided that it just wouldn’t be doable in the time frame we had. I sent them a list of other location recommendations, and I put this spot on the top of the list, knowing that they PROBABLY wouldn’t go for it because of how far away it was, but low and behold…. THEY DID. I think I literally screamed in my office when I got the email saying they were a GO for this off roading adventure session at Lake Powell. EEEEP!!!!

They were in San Jose all day, and made the crazy long drive back to Arizona, and went straight up to meet me in Page. They got in at like midnight, and then we had to wake up at 3am to make the drive to this location and get there in time for the sunrise. The road there was INSANE. Like, straight up just ROCKS for the last 30 minutes. And keep in mind that we were doing this drive in the DARK. We basically had to rely on our maps at some points when we couldn’t tell which direction the “road” actually went because it was unclear where we were supposed to go!

We finally made it in plenty of time for sunrise! It was so crazy to watch the lake & rocks turn from blue, to pinkish, to warm and bright!

I would 10/10 go back here again. Next time I would love to see this place at sunset! I told Mikal that we are going to head back here next summer and arrive in the afternoon, try to hike down to the lake, swim for the day, set up our tent on this cliffside, and watch both the sunset & sunrise the next morning.

Thanks for the adventure H & C, you two are the cutest & I cannot WAIT for your wedding!!!!

#americandream (only Hayley & Caitlin will know what this means, HAHAHA)


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