Rockhouse Hotel Wedding // Negril, Jamaica // Part 1

Sneak peak of the most epic weekend ever with these two in the coolest hotel I’ve ever stepped foot in (cliffside, tropical, bedrooms right on the edge of the most pristine turquoise water I’ve ever seen) to celebrate their wedding weekend in Jamaica!!!

Rockhouse Hotel - are you guys even real?!? How on EARTH does a hotel THIS rad even exist?!

Stay tuned for the part 2 (their rehearsal & then their wedding day)

But for now… here’s our morning mini session the day before their wedding, right outside their rooms! It was crazy tropical downpour all morning, so we decided to postpone in order to not get utterly drenched. When the weather finally started to let up, we went outside and headed to the water, just to get 100% soaked seconds later. They said screw it, let’s just jump in! So that’s what we did, hahah!!

Here’s their engagement session from California early on this year if you want to see: Alyssa & Travis