Salt River Anniversary Session // Mesa, AZ // Baylee & Naaman

I found this GORGEOUS lady on Instagram when I was in Arizona earlier this year and knew I just had to shoot her the next time I came back!!! She works for Habit Salon in Gilbert, AZ and they are super well known on Instagram for the most gorgeous hair color & extensions!! I was so stoked to come back to this beautiful place to explore more, clearly Arizona is a fave place of mine to shoot!! Last time I was in the area I got to shoot at the Salt River and we saw THE MOST MAJESTIC WILD HORSES!!! I was terrified but in awe all at the same time, so unfortunately I was too distracted by their beauty to take any photos with them in it, HAHA! This time I had my fingers crossed that the horses would come back out and surprise us. But alas, the only visitors we had at the river was like 20 million other photographers all doing family sessions which I had to edit out of the background of half of these, hahaha.

This session also marked the end of mentoring sessions for me. It was such a tough decision to not offer them anymore, but I just realized that I felt like my energy was better spent on my Facebook Groups and there’s like 10x more information in my group than I could ever offer in a 4 hour mentoring session! I want the best for my education programs and I firmly believe that my facebook group is the best offering I have!! SO with that being said: THANK YOU to everyone who has participated in my mentorships, I truly hope you got everything out of them that you wanted, and I seriously love all of you so much for trusting in me to help come alongside you in your business!!!


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