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3 month online workshop!!

Session 6: June 10th - September 10th


I wanted to create an ongoing group where you could not only learn as you would in a workshop, but have the extended time to implement that knowledge and be able to actually see growth, change, and have check-ins along the way as you go. I can firmly and whole-heartedly say that this group is even MORE in depth than a full 3 day workshop! I've really put everything I’ve got into this group, and in all of my previous groups I saw big changes in my student's businesses, even after only 2.5 weeks!

The first month of the group 35 videos will be released (about 20-60 minutes each) on different educational topics. The main topics of the group will be: booking dream clients, how to travel more, personal branding, instagram, Pinterest, directing your couples, pricing, website work, how to create connection with your followers, how to set expectations with clients, gear/programs, how to go full time, shooting tips, editing tips, taxes, shooting settings, wedding day flow, how to handle inquiries, plus SO MUCH MORE - including Andie's Actions - FOR FREE! (That’s a $325 value right there alone!!) AND my Beginners Course.

  • Once a month I will do Q&A videos in the group to answer more specific questions and open the conversation up to different topics! 

  • In the beginning & end of the group we will do 30 minute review phone calls where I will analyze & review your Instagram and website and chat about specific things I am seeing and areas I would suggest changing or improving in! (This is almost the same thing as a phone mentorship call, which is a value of $400!!! And you get this TWICE in the group!!!)

  • I will also just be sharing some of my real struggles, failures, and successes during different phases of my business over the years that I hope will encourage you, put some things into perspective, and help you to learn from my mistakes!


Members of these groups will be the ONLY ones getting this information, and I will be trying to respond to any questions/comments in the group within 48 hours. My Facebook group students will be the only ones who have access to me & I will be an open book! I want this to be a tight knit group of like minded creatives where we can thrive together! This is SO MUCH MORE than a workshop. Workshops can be really overwhelming, and teachers tend to just skim the surface of every topic, OR they only talk about a couple topics! This group is meant to be viewed as an extended workshop that is self-paced and interactive. You will get out of this group what you put into it!


My newest addition to my Facebook groups is the option to come to Oregon for one day of shooting with me! I will have a bridal shoot and a couples session set up for us to all shoot. You’ll get to watch me work with each couple, in each environment, and see me directing them first hand. You’ll then have hours to implement everything you’ve learned over the course of the group, and walk away with STELLAR content!!! If you want to participate in these sessions, you can sign up later in the group and pay the fee ($150) when the date of the shoot is announced. I will only be offering 2 shoots a year.

PAYMENT PLANS AVAILABLE. Minimum $250 due upfront to deserve your seat.

* This group is best suited for beginners and intermediate wedding photographers *


Price: $1,500

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