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The 3 Month Online Workshop


An ongoing online course with 35 educational videos, Q&As, constant access to me, 2 one-on-one mentoring calls, the option to attend an in person styled shoot, and so much more!

Payment plans available!
Minimum $250 due upfront to deserve your seat.



Coffee + shoot with me!


We'll chat for up to 3 hours over some yummy food or coffee, then head out to a 1-2 hour shoot together that I'll set up a couple & pick a location that's been a dream of yours! Our time together will be completely catered to YOU and your needs. You'll send me a list of questions/topics you want us to cover beforehand, and at the end I will analyze your Instagram and website!


Posing Guide

Andie's Actions


Don’t you hate feeling like your clients can sense your insecurity in directing them? When they can tell you aren’t sure what to have them do next? Do you feel like you have to blabber the entire shoot just to keep things interesting & to fill the void of awkward moments? NO MORE. Last year I set out on a mission to have a freakin FUN time with my clients. I was tired of hearing “ah we are nervous, we know we are gonna be awkward” & kinda agreeing with them HA let's be real. SO my goal was to make every single person walk away from their engagement session & say: “wow. that was actually soooo fun!!!! it felt like a flirty date night!!!” wouldn’t you like that response too? 99% of the time, my couples sessions are ENTIRELY actions. No standing still, no holding a pose, no smiling nervously at the camera. Everything is movement, direction, action, real, and FUN! I want you to have that too.

Andie’s Actions is a 1 hour video for purchase going through all my favorite directions for my couples, explaining as I go, offering alternatives for ones that may not work for everyone, and talking through the reality that every couple is SO different. It includes 2 couple's sessions, and a 30 min chat in my home explaining things before you watch. This video is meant to be exclusively from your point-of-view as the photographer, as if you were really there and as if YOU were the one behind the camera! I wanted this to feel as personal as possible.

This is an instant download that comes with the video & action cards. All sales are final.


For Beginners

Mini Workshop


There are currently HUNDREDS if not THOUSANDS of educational opportunities for  photographers, but they are all huge investments that most beginning photographers cannot afford of $1,000 or way more. They are largely catered toward those who have already started their businesses, and are looking for steps 10-20… But what happened to steps 1-10? That’s where this workshop comes in! This Mini Workshop is affordable AS HECK (only $150!) so that there are ZERO EXCUSES for you to take the first steps toward your dream. This workshop is not JUST for wedding photographers, most everything applies to all portrait (senior, family, etc) photographers as well!! In this workshop I cover:

All my gear and programs & how to use them, along with beginner camera & lens recommendations, How to shoot in manual, My shooting settings for different lighting situations & different kinds of shoots, How to book your first clients, Lightroom editing basics, How to price yourself as a beginner, How to make your business legit, AND SO MUCH MORE!

This course is for BEGINNERS. I am trying to make that 100% clear. If you have been doing photography for years/running a business for awhile now, I HIGHLY suggest you sign up for my 3 month Facebook Group (online workshop) instead!