Beginners Basics Photography Workshop!

Only $150!!


There are currently HUNDREDS if not THOUSANDS of educational opportunities for photographers, but they are all huge investments that most beginning photographers cannot afford of $1,000 or way more. They are largely catered toward those who have already started their businesses, and are looking for steps 10-20…

But what happened to steps 1-10?

That’s where this workshop comes in! This Mini Workshop will be affordable AS HECK so that there are ZERO EXCUSES for you to take the first steps toward your dream. This workshop is not JUST for wedding photographers, most everything applies to all portrait (senior, family, etc) photographers as well!! In this workshop I cover:

  1. All my gear and programs & how to use them, along with beginner camera & lens recommendations

  2. How to shoot in manual

  3. My shooting settings for different lighting situations & different kinds of shoots

  4. How to book your first clients

  5. Lightroom editing basics

  6. How to price yourself as a beginner

  7. How to make your business legit


This course is for BEGINNERS. I am trying to make that 100% clear. If you have been doing photography for years/running a business for awhile now, I HIGHLY suggest you sign up for my 3 month Facebook Group (online workshop) instead!