Sup with the whack playstation sup?

(Yup, if you can name that reference we should be best f.r.i.e.n.d.s!!)

Hey there, I'm Andie! With an i and an e, not a y or a single i.

People lovingly refer to me as the girl who lives in sweatpants and rarely leaves the house.

I photograph people who are friggin’ insanely in love and beautiful for a living, pretty cool right? I am so lucky to capture them and get so many new besties during the process!

When I'm not busy doing cool business stuff in my office, you can find me hammocking in my backyard in the sun, kayaking, at the gym, the local bakery, or playing Settlers of Catan with a group of friends.

roadtrips & 70’s music are my jam.


Andie Avery_Color-11.png

If you're dying
to know more, here are some things you should know.

  1. I'm married to my kindergarten sweetheart (well, not really) but we met in kindergarten and have been friends since we were 5! We got married early in 2017 and have been together over 6 years now!

  2. We have the world's cutest fluffy butt dog who I call "Sawyer bear", “Soy” or “Soy Bean” & he lowkey runs my life

  3. Mikal & I recently bought a dreamy 70s vintage travel trailer that we are traveling in! 70s music is my JAM so you can probably guess how much I love this trailer.

  4. If you overheard a conversation between Mikal and I, it would likely be 70% singing, 30% Friends/the Office quotes.

  5. I'm tryna live that gluten/dairy/peanut free lifeeee. Acai bowls & Mod Pizza are my faves.