Zuma Sanctuary Boho Wedding // Malibu, CA // Kandice & Matt


… Because this loooong blog post has all of the above! You’ve been warned ;)

Where the heck to begin….

Kandice and Matt reached out to me over a year ago with literally the best email I’ve ever received: “trust me when I say it HAD to be you. Your work, your style, your business, your approach, your personality, our creepy amount of similarities. You are perfect for us, and I also have no doubt that we would all be best friends!” I JUST ADORE YOU TWO AND I AM SO THANKFUL YOU INVITED ME INTO YOUR LIVES!

In case you don’t know K&M, let me fill you in on their story, because it will literally make you weep. (Well, maybe not, but it sure is the cutest story I’ve ever heard!)

We grew up together. As neighbors, best friends, classmates. We lived across the street from one another and shared so much of our lives together, but didn’t actually start dating until our junior year of college. People’s jaw drops when they hear our “girl next door” story, and it follows almost any romantic comedy plot line, but to us it’s so normal. It means so much more to have shared so much of our lives together! Even funnier, our dads were friends well before we were born. They lived in the same town and would hang out, flash forward many years later to when I’m in 3rd grade and we moved towns, about an hour away...to the exact same town and street that Matt’s family had moved to, and he recognizes them from across the street! we always knew. We were best friends, always there for each other, and always spending time together. We also have vivid memories from when we were young. He’ll speak of a day I wore green tank top cami I wore in 5th grade. I’ll think back to 5th grade too, the night he was my first kiss (playing truth or dare in his room and being dared by his best friend, who will also be our officiant! to kiss onnnn the lips). Or the night in middleschool all the neighborhood kids were playing flashlight tag outside and they decided we were too young to hang, so we sat in his front yard and talked all night. We even had those ridiculous promises...”if you don’t have a prom date...”, “if we’re not married by 30...” HA!

Safe to say these two are a perfect pair. Their joy radiates & I seriously cannot emphasize enough how much of a dream come true it was to be able to work with such a happy, silly, carefree couple who trusted ME to capture their gorgeous wedding day! I’ll stop rambling now and let you get to the good stuff. Fair warning, this is the longest blog post I’ve ever made. So…. hunker down with a cup of coffee and enjoy.

Screen Shot 2019-05-26 at 7.48.34 PM.png

Quick shoutout to the rest of the vendors for making this day happen!

Venue: Zuma Sanctuary

Planner: Lexi at Wilder Event Co

Videographer: Jeff from Summer Rae Photography

Bride's dress: Bianca by Otaduy

Bridesmaids dresses: LuLus

Cake: Vanilla Bake Shop

Dj: Dart Collective

Rentals: Circa Rentals, La Piñata Rentals

Flowers: Plain Jane Posy

Makeup: Cheek to Cheek artistry

Catering: Pink Taquiza

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