Horseshoe Bend Elopement // Page, AZ // Katy & Wyatt

There really aren’t much words I can put to this post (you’ll see why I am so speechless in a hot second…) because it’s really just too good to be true. Katy & Wyatt got married in Minnesota a few days before this, but they really wanted to do their wedding portraits someplace breath-taking on their honeymoon! I seriously cannot even begin to describe how THANKFUL I am that they chose ME to come along for this whole journey. Katy is also an insanely talented photographer, so it was suuuuch an honor!!!!!

It was so amazing seeing the looks on their faces as we stepped up to the edge to peer down over the edge for the first time. Where you chose to do your photos, or say your vows, or get engaged can mean a LOT. You could either do it someplace you’ve been a million times that has sentimental value to you, OR you can do it someplace new where it can be your “first” together. First time experiencing a place on earth that just quite literally takes your breath away. Either way you decide to go, you can’t go wrong!

Anyway, back to our evening! On our way to Horseshoe Bend from Under Canvas Grand Canyon we drove through a huge (well, for an Oregonian) rain storm with the darkest clouds!!! I think we got mildly nervous that we might get dumped on again, just like for their proposal shoot! But when we arrived it was mostly clear skies & sunny, except the looming storm on the horizon. On the walk down to the overlook we started to hear thunder & get glimpses of lightening in the distance.

As the clouds rolled in closer, I wasn’t really sure how it would look in photos! But I can honestly say the surge of energy & dramatic clouds made for probably the coolest images I’ve ever captured.

Stay tuned next week for their full wedding day!!!!


Dress: The White Room MLPS

Jewelry: Opal Milk

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